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Guild Meeting notes 1-15-09
Jan 19, 09 4:57 PM
Nov 11, 08 11:29 AM

Welcome To the Disciples of Honor!!

I would like to thank you all for making DOH what it is today.  It has passed all expectations I ever had.  I'm hoping to make this website as useful to you as possibly.  Please if any questions or comments arise just let an Officer know.

Here at DOH, we are friendly towards one another.  We are fun, active, and just all around nice.  We are casual levelers, but we do run raids.  We have run Kara numerous times, and we will start running larger raids.  We help all our members to the best of our abilities.

We will have schedule events here on the website.  This is for big instance runs, guild races, guild meetings, etc.

I would ask all of you to please create you a guild portal account so you can interact with us all.

Information about the guild, such as Ranking System, Guild Vault Usage etc. can be found in the Information section


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Guild Meeting notes 1-15-09

Reikab, Jan 19, 09 4:57 PM.
        Guild meeting notes from 1-15-09

-Explained the issues with Chrystall being kicked repeatedly from the guild by an officer
    -problem is now fixed, for more info see your GM

-Everyone needs to put their spec, prof, and if its and alt put you mains name in the note, if you are not of ranking to do so then see and officer.

-informed members that we need to start recruiting more members.  there is a 100g prize for the first person to recuit 10 quality members to the guild
    -the recuit must be atleast lvl 70, unless it is a new alt that the guild needs
    -we are in need of shamys the most
        - recruit message: <Disciples of Honor> is now recruiting new members of all classes but need to be lvl 70+. We are a laid back, helpful leveling guild that is gearing up for casual raiding.  Have 50 man vent, 5 tab GV, tabard and website. For more info pst
    -only sergant majors and above can recruit
        -make sure to put date of recruitment and by who
-All officers, please inform your Gm before you kick someone or before you promote them.  We have a 2-3 week waiting period before new members can be recruited

-We are going to start our 10 man Naxx teams. Invites will be sent out on the calandar. Dates will typicaly be on thur about 6:00 pm sever time


539991342_Inactive, Nov 11, 08 11:29 AM.
Please read the "New Policy" under the information section.
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